Cape Town MRI | Whole Body
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Whole Body

In the past, Body MRI has often been restricted by the challenges of speed and robustness. Now, Siemens redefines what is possible: FREEZEit1 overcomes previous limitations and fundamentally changes the scope of abdominal MRI. Combining the innovative technologies of TWIST-VIBE1 and StarVIBE1, FREEZEit lets you detect more lesions and expand your Body MRI services to more patients.

Growth with Body MRI – enabled by FREEZEit
Take abdominal imaging to the next level with our embrace motion technology. MRI exams of the liver have been made difficult by contrast timing challenges and breathing motion. FREEZEit1, consisting of TWIST-VIBE1 and StarVIBE1, makes MRI faster and more robust than ever, overcoming previous limitations and significantly changing what’s possible.

TWIST-VIBE: Always the right contrast in dynamic liver imaging

TWIST-VIBE showing different perfusion phases

One of the main challenges when using contrast agent is catching the right point of the arterial phase, which differs from patient to patient. If this point in time is missed, crucial information may go undetected. Our solution is TWIST-VIBE: it offers high temporal and spatial resolution for multi-arterial imaging with 100% precise contrast timing.

Your benefits:

  • Robust and fast imaging with full 4D coverage
  • Excellent images to plan surgical interventions
  • Reliable images and greater detail for every exam
  • Time and cost savings
  • No need for rescans

StarVIBE: Free-breathing, contrast-enhanced body imaging

Free-breathing StarVIBE compared to conventional MR imaging

Many children2, elderly patients, or very sick people may not be able to hold their breath long enough for a dynamic liver scan. Problems with breathing motion have thus excluded a large part of the population from particular MRI exams. StarVIBE intelligently resists motion artifacts and makes possible robust, free-breathing, and contrast-enhanced exams for these patients.

Your benefits:

  • Patients can breathe freely throughout the scan
  • Reliable imaging of patients otherwise excluded from MRI
  • Improved treatment thanks to more accurate results
  • Shorter throughput times and faster diagnosis
  • No need for rescans

Changing the scope of Body MRI

With demographic changes and the continued increase in demand for abdominal MRI comes the need to expand your services. We offer you the tools to do it. A wide range of revolutionary features and applications gives you high-quality, high-resolution images, even in body regions susceptible to artifacts. From reduced breath-hold times to invasive quantification of liver fat – we revolutionize what’s possible.

LiverLab: Quantitative liver evaluation

Evaluation result of liver fat and/or iron (HISTO)

Evaluating the fat and iron content of the liver is an important step in monitoring early stages of liver diseases. As steatosis and hemochromatosis are becoming more prevalent in industrialized countries, the demand for liver evaluation is growing.
LiverLab enables non-invasive identification of patients with fatty liver and iron overload already at an early disease stage. This helps to minimize the need for biopsy.

Your benefits:

  • Non-invasive evaluation method for liver fat and iron content
  • Fast and reproducible results without post-processing
  • One robust and fast clinical workflow
  • Time and cost savings

RESOLVE: Outstanding diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI)

Detection of prostate carcinoma with RESOLVE

RESOLVE is a diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) technique that reduces blurring and susceptibility to artifacts. It is largely free of distortions and delivers sharp images at higher spatial resolution. RESOLVE is especially attractive for the evaluation of smaller lesions in a wide range of examinations.

Your benefits:

  • High-quality, high-resolution DWI and DTI
  • Reduced susceptibility to blurring artifacts
  • Insensitivity to motion-induced phase errors
  • Reduced SAR in comparison to TSE-based methods
  • iPAT compatible for faster scans and further reduction of distortions

CAIPIRINHA: High-resolution 3D imaging with reduced breath-hold times

Liver imaging with CAIPIRINHA

CAIPIRINHA (Controlled Aliasing in Parallel Imaging Results in Higher Acceleration) is a data acquisition technique that reduces breath-hold times and still delivers high-resolution 3D data. It can be combined with 3D T1 VIBE or 3D Dixon and offers four contrasts (in phase, opposed phase, fat, and water) in a single breath-hold. Liver imaging can be performed in 10 seconds.

Your benefits:

  • Higher SNR possible
  • Higher PAT factors are enabled with excellent image quality
  • Used pattern distribute k-space points more uniformly
  • Reduced patient stress by reducing breath-holds

Abdomen Dot Engine: Hassle-free breath-hold and contrast imaging

Abdomen Dot Engine

The Abdomen Dot Engine is a customized solution with optimized bolus timing for dynamic abdomen scans. Various features ensure consistent contrast timing and, consequently, consistent image quality for multiparametric imaging. In addition, monitoring of exam progress and synchronized timing makes scanning more comfortable and confident.

Your benefits:

  • Perform hassle-free breath-hold and contrast imaging
  • Less repeat examinations through 28% better timing accuracy
  • Increased timing accuracy delivers reproducible results
  • Perform motion free imaging
  • Use offered MRCP and Diffusion decision points