Cape Town MRI | Cardiac
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Cardiovascular MRI

Efficient, reliable, ready.

Cardiovascular MRI offers you valuable information for a number of sophisticated clinical questions, as well as excellent soft tissue differentiation, high spatial and temporal resolution, and 3D and 4D data acquisition. Today, MRI is widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive diagnostic tools in cardiology, but also as a highly complex examination. Siemens helps you bring cardiac MRI into your clinical routine.

  • Want to perform myocardial tissue quantification (T1, T2 and T2* Maps), on the fly?
  • Is the complexity of cardiac scanning breaking your heart?
  • Have you ever missed correct timing?


Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Cardiovascular MRI - answers

We have the answers to your challenges in cardiovascular MRI.

Siemens MR application portfolio enables you to overcome daily obstacles in cardiovascular imaging. Get to know our highlights and find out how trendsetting applications help you expand your services and bring CMR to the clinical routine.


Get more Cardiovascular MRI information at MAGNETOM World.

From case studies, protocols, application tips, to clinical talks – that’s the right place to find valuable cardiovascular MRI information for your daily work.

Clinical Reference Centers

Siemens Healthcare Reference Centers stand for clinical expertise on the quality and efficiency of cardiovascular care. Discover more about our multimodality and MR specific collaboration partners.


MAGNETOM Family. The definitive portfolio for MRI.

Siemens MRI product and application portfolio include state of the art scanners, coils, sequences, as well as unique processing and workflow solutions. Helping you bring Cardiac MRI into your clinical routine.